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Nets Culture is Dead, Kyrie Irving Killed It

Over the weekend on a random Saturday afternoon news dump, it was reported that the Brooklyn Nets will be firing their long tenured head coach, Kenny Atkinson, seemingly out of nowhere.

Brooklyn is currently 29-34 on the season sitting at the 7th seed which might be considered underachieving but they also lost half of their roster so they could sign two stars that wear suits on the sidelines.

Kenny Atkinson is one of the most highly respected coaches in the league and has been given credit for the development of D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert—three of the best young guards in the NBA.

It’s so interesting that one year ago the Nets were battling the Sixers in the playoffs and had the best CULTURE in the NBA where free agents were lining up to play for coach Atkinson and all of the young budding talent and now the coach is gone and the team is below .500 while guys are complaining about playing time oh, and a player strangled his girlfriend and he’s just out there every night like it’s no big deal.


I wonder what’s suddenly changed in Brooklyn.

It’s almost as if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant signed with Brooklyn because they loved the CULTURE so much and then immediately wanted to change everything to fit their own individual preferences thus eliminating the reason for signing there.

From the moment they signed in Brooklyn and everyone got their Knicks jokes off, I was adamant that these two fuckboy sociopaths who are the kings of wanting something until you have it and then instantly not wanting it anymore—were going to be unhappy with their new landing spot.

They signed with Brooklyn because they liked what they were building but in order for the Nets to sign them, they had to get rid of half of the players that led to their success to begin with. Oh, you really liked seeing Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Ed Davis, Shabazz Napier and D’Angelo Russell? Well now they’re gone because you’re there. Duh. You idiots.

Weird how now both the roster isn’t good enough and the coaching is trash. Here’s what the players had to say about Atkinson earlier this week:

During Wednesday’s spirited postgame meeting, the players did not shy away from critiquing Atkinson, expressing to the coach that they wanted him to identify roles better, communicate the team’s hierarchy better, change what needs fixing and not settle for the status quo. It summed up the growing displeasure with Atkinson’s communication levels, as well.

Such a great coach for all these years. SUDDENLY he can’t communicate and can’t adjust and fix problems. Hm.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have played a combined 20 games this season and they don’t like the coaching. Ok.

I won’t even blame Durant that much because he seems like a freak who doesn’t care who’s coaching him. He just needs some shooters and defenders around him. Also he pays for sex and doesn’t brush his hair.

This is 1000% the doing of Kyrie Irving, one of the most miserable players in the league who has dedicated his entire career to destroying locker rooms and pretending as if the world should be molded in his own view and any outside thinking should be ignored or removed entirely.

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that this firing is happening a few days after Caris LeVert put up 51 points. It is a fact at this point that Dinwiddie and LeVert play better when Kyrie isn’t on the floor pretending they’re not on the floor.

Here’s what Durant had to say about Atkinson this summer:

“I was doing a lot of You Tube research on Kenny Atkinson and watching interviews seeing how he talked after the game. I really liked his approach to his craft as a coach. That drew me in pretty quickly. I didn’t really do too much research on other coaches. I guess you always have to learn that.

“But once I started getting comfortable how he coaches his craft, it started to make me feel at ease even though I never had a conversation with him. I could just see it through You Tube and clips that he was pretty genuine about the game. Obviously, I talked with Kyrie and then watching the team and knowing Caris and all that stuff kind of combined at once.

I love this Nets CULTURE. It’s my favorite song. Jarrett Allen has the potential to be a Top 10 center in the NBA and he can’t play anymore because Kyrie Irving said his friend DeAndre Jordan has to start.

It’s rumored that Mark Jackson might replace Kenny Atkinson because of his prior relationship with Kevin Durant.


Let’s gooooo. The Nets just became the Knicks.

Yes, please take all of the overrated coaches and players off the market. Mark Jackson and Kyrie Irving can play chess as they both agree that trans people shouldn’t have rights while Atkinson gets hired by the Knicks and turns Kevin Knox into an All-Star.

Nets Culture is dead, Kyrie Irving killed it. Someone tell Andrew Yang. I hope he’s ok.




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