Netflix’s ‘The Rachel Divide’ Makes Rachel Dolezal a Sympathetic Figure For About 30 Seconds Before You Remember She’s a Sociopath

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman. I need someone to force Rachel to write that over and over again on a chalkboard like Bart Simpson until she realizes that she is Caucasian. Not only is she white but she’s from the home of white people: Montana.

The Rachel Divide is a documentary where Rachel Dolezal clearly wanted a film crew around her to help tell ‘her side of the story’ because she believes that she is a misunderstood figure. She was caught by a local news reporter after she claimed that she was getting racist hate mail as the head of the local NAACP. The reporter asked if she was born white and Rachel evaporated. The rest is history.

The subsequent hour of footage is a quick landslide as you start to realize that this woman claiming she is black is the literal textbook definition of white privilege. She attempts to explain her upbringing being raised by abusive religious parents that worshipped her brother and shit on her all day every day.

Her parents wanted to adopt children to save them from terrible lives but they could only get black children. Her parents did not want these black children and beat the shit out of them. Rachel shared this plight with her siblings and you can start to piece together why she might identify with being black.

And then you learn more about her and you take a breath and you are instantly reminded that this white woman choosing to deal with her childhood struggles by simply deciding that she was going to tan daily, wear a wig and pretend to be black is the whitest shit in the history of white shit.

“Oh, I definitely know what it feels like to be black. I went through the same drama that my black sister went through. I know what it feels like to be oppressed by white people. Today, I am black.” I hate you, Rachel.

The worst part about this 40-year old woman mishandling her trauma by thinking that the only way to come to terms with her childhood is to become black is how it has ruined the lives of the people around here.

Here two sons are the constant targets of unwanted attention. Her oldest son wants to go to Howard and Rachel makes it about herself by posting a photo of him on campus to Facebook, where she knows that she will get negative attention and the internet eats him alive for it.

Her younger son pretty much cries in every scene he’s in. He even says that all his mom has to do is admit she’s white and his life would improve but nope, Rachel doesn’t give a fuck about that kid. In fact, members of her NAACP chapter point out that she used to drag her son around and pretty much used him as a prop to show off how black she is.

Her sister has an active lawsuit against her older brother for sexually abusing her when they were growing up. Her parents obviously took the older brother’s side and the only person in her corner was Rachel.

Rachel came flying off the top rope claiming that she was sexually assaulted too, which 1.) Seemed like a lie that she made up because she is a sociopath and wanted to be apart of the trial and 2.) She has zero credibility. All she had to do was say ‘hey I’m white’ and she could’ve helped her sister but she chose to have a documentary instead.

Her whiteness has ruined the lives of the black people around here. It’s wild how awful she is without understanding how awful she is.

The Rachel Divide, don’t watch it.





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