Netflix’s Ozark Is The Perfect Combination of Great Writing and Awful Acting

Netflix gave Jason Bateman the bag and the keys to create his own ‘Breaking Bad’ series. A white suburban family man decides to turn to a life of crime to provide for his pale wife and annoying kids. There is a formula in place and I appreciate Bateman sticking to the sheet music and not playing too much jazz.

Marty Byrde is a business manager in Chicago who happened to find himself laundering money for the Mexican Cartel and if you weren’t sure he was laundering money, Marty makes it excruciatingly clear by constantly stating in every single scene he’s in that he ‘cleans’ money. My man was screaming it from the rooftops. Netflix loves having their stars remind the audience of their identity. Iron Fist constant tells everyone that he’s ‘The Immortal Iron Fist’ and Marty Byrde wants the world to know that he launders money.

The difference between Ozark and Breaking Bad is that the decision to do crime was almost forced upon Walter White in order to pay for his medical bills while Marty Byrde seemingly joined the Cartel for no reason other than the fact that he’d be good at it and his wife approved.

This difference is actually key to this show working as Bateman doesn’t play a scientist who can create a bomb to throw a Tuco. Bateman is a man who likes solving problems. The deeper the trouble he finds himself slipping into throughout the show, the more interesting it becomes to see him figure out how to manage his circumstances.

Regardless of how interesting this show is, you can’t help but ignore how awful the acting is in this show. Child actors suck. They always have and they always will. I will never forgive George Lucas for deciding to make Darth Vader a whiny little boy in Episode 1 and I will never forgive Stranger Things for tricking people into thinking that children can act.

Perhaps I have a little bias because the daughter in the show looks identical to the last girl I dated and if you know me at all then you know I’m the type of person to burn bridges so it was tough to watch her scenes. Also didn’t help that her acting was atrocious. Same goes with the son, minus the looking like an ex thing.

Genius idea to cast Laura Linney as the wife since she looks like a 3D printer rendering of Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad.

The pastor was an awful actor. The Langmore family was bad. The gay FBI agent was bad. The strip club owner was bad. Anddd Jason Bateman was doing Jason Bateman things. Take that as you may.

Ozark was fun and a dope way to kill a lazy Sunday. Let’s see what hijinx the Byrde family find themselves in when Season 2 drops.



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