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Netflix’s Outlaw King Is Their First Original Movie That Isn’t Completely Trash

Outlaw King had everything going against it but its greatest hurdle was being a Netflix original movie. I will never forgive Netflix for allowing Bright to be made and for not shutting itself on when I was watching it. Friends don’t let friends watch Bright.

Outlaw King is pretty much the spiritual sequel to Braveheart where Robert The Bruce quite literally has to take over where William Wallace left off to help Scotland get their freedom from England. We were all waiting with bated breath to know if Scotland ever got their freedom.

Thank you, Outlaw King.

Expectations couldn’t have been lowered when I decided to finally throw this movie on to kill time. When Netflix releases an original product, it’s like they’re putting a knife to your neck and making you watch their nonsense. I could be scrolling through Holocaust documentaries and they will randomly throw Ali Wong’s stand-up special right in the middle.

But something amazing happened: Chris Pine and Florence Pugh.

These two beautiful masterpieces appeared on screen next to each and I went from half paying attention to dropping everything and staring into their beautiful eyes. I was expecting this loud ‘THEY CAN’T TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM’ war hero and Chris Pine played Robert The Bruce as a reluctant, unwilling and nervous king.

I’m a sucker for the reluctant hero. Give me a main character who would rather be doing anything other than what he’s doing throughout the movie. Shades of The Big Lebowski. Chris Pine added a level of vulnerability to a character I didn’t think I’d care about even a little bit.

Florence Pugh is a FORCE. She’s a superstar. She’s the queen both in this movie and in our daily lives. From now on, there are two types of people in this world: Florence Pugh and all of us garbage bags that aren’t as great as Florence Pugh.

Thank you Netflix. You finally have a hit on the board. That’s 1-for-600. Those are Chris Davis numbers.

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