Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich Documentary Doesn’t Really Seem To Understand How Evil Epstein Was

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is a 4-part docuseries on Netflix about the underage sex trafficking ring that Epstein created for he and his rich friends to rape young teenagers for years without any consequence until his eventual suicide‘ in 2019.

The series allows a few of his victims to tell their story as they vaguely explain how Epstein rose to power and became the king of pedophiles on his own secluded rape island.

Young girls from broken homes who needed money were tricked into visiting Epstein’s home for ‘massages’ where they were forced to perform sexual acts and were then incentivized with even more money that they desperately needed to go bring Jeffrey new girls to abuse.

But the documentary doesn’t paint these acts as darkly as you’d imagine.

For one, they use footage of Epstein’s deposition from when he was arrested for soliciting a minor for prostitution which as a premise is absolute bullshit. A girl that age is not capable of rendering consent to a grown ass man therefore she should not be labeled a prostitute as if SHE was the one that enticed him into the act.

And the documentary seems to almost agree that these girls were prostitutes.

At one point they call Jeffrey Epstein ‘handsome’ and I audibly snickered. They really tried to Ted Bundy this serial rapist. Epstein looks like he has an extra chromosome but sure yea, he’s so handsome.

The biggest frustration is the lack of bigger context of his crimes. They casually tell the story about how he lies to get into an investment firm and gets hired anyone but he was so charismatic and lied so well. Then they just cut to him maybe blowing Lex Wexner—the Victoria’s Secret billionaire—to gain his power of attorney and access to all of his funds.

The documentary is called Filthy Rich and it didn’t even seem interested in discovering how Epstein truly got so much fucking money.

In order to understand how he got away with a rape pyramid scheme for decades, you have to examine where all his money is coming from and which powerful men he has influence over and Filthy Rich didn’t find those details to be important.

4-part documentary and Epstein just goes from creepy massages in his house to flying girls into his private island to rape with Prince Andrew. Look, there are a lot of rich assholes doing illegal things to get richer. Epstein was a college dropout scammer that was magically able to not only become exorbitantly wealthy but so powerful that he IMMEDIATELY starting raping little girls the second he could and not one person was able to stop him.

And Filthy Rich doesn’t dissect his rise of power in any way. Sort of just shrugs at that aspect as if it’s all common knowledge that we’re entering the documentary with. What exactly was even the point of this doc? They should’ve been telling us how Epstein got away with sexual abuse for so many years but it focuses so much on getting the timeline of events correctly that it doesn’t actually explore ‘why’ any of those events were able to occur.

They show photos of Epstein hanging out with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton like ‘look, he’s connected to powerful men’ without actually taking a step back to investigate that uh, maybe Trump and Bill rape girls with Jeffrey. This entire documentary is widely vapid and elementary and unfortunately the stakes are too high and too many women’s lives were ruined because of this child sex trafficking ring.

You can’t just say ‘money’ ‘power and ‘corruption’ over and over again with defining those ideas and how Epstein specifically obtained and exploited them. The documentary allows Alan Dershowitz to sit there and say he never raped a woman who is adamantly saying that it happened 3 minutes before. Why the fuck are we ‘both-sidesing’ this? We KNOW how many girls were brought into Epstein and his boys. Dershowitz was allowed to deny ONE specific girl but wasn’t at all pressed about the countless others he for sure raped.

Ghislaine MaxwellEpstein’s weird British base that helped him recruit womenwas completely left off the hook. Understandable that she didn’t directly sit down and interview with the filmmaker but uh, did they have to act as if she was some small player when she was actual Epstein’s right-hand man.

Again, this documentary doesn’t even fucking try. Clearly this was some rushed Netflix deal to collect a quick bag after Epstein’s death last summer with no real intentions of deep-diving into what turned him into a monster.

Filthy Rich is one of the worst documentaries ever made based on everything it needed to be and everything it failed to be.



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