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Neil Patrick Harris is an Asshole

During the 2018 Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris sat watching from his couch feeling a certain type of way after hosting for the previous 4 years and decided to demonstrate that frustration by shitting on Rachel Bloom with a classic ‘I don’t know her’.


Rachel Bloom was the backstage host of the event and Neil Patrick Harris was being salty about it.

I should make it clear that I think Rachel Bloom is one of the most talented people in the game right now. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the most creative shows on television so I can imagine that NPH so a woman who is genuinely funny that sings and dances and he feels bad about himself.

See, Neil Patrick Harris was given the keys to a car that he has no business driving. Not to say that the man isn’t talented but clearly Rachel Bloom is what he perceives himself to be but instead, he’s simply an asshole who isn’t that funny and is decent at singing and dancing.

Now thanks to Neil’s bullshit, I’m sitting here writing about the Tony Awards so now I’m frustrated too. I suppose the only solution is to now binge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and quietly applaud Rachel Bloom’s genius while Neil Patrick Harris sits in a dark room throwing darts at her photo.



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