Nebraska Names Adrian Martinez As Their First True Freshman Starting Quarterback in School History

What Happened?

True freshman Adrian Martinez will start the season at quarterback for Nebraska.

Coach Scott Frost made the announcement Sunday with the release of the team’s Week 1 depth chart, selecting Martinez over redshirt freshman Tristan Gebbia. No true freshman has ever opened a season as the top QB for the Cornhuskers.



Adrian Martinez was new Nebraska head coach, Scott Frost’s first big recruit transferring from Tennesee to come start opening day for the Huskers. He will be the first true freshman to ever lead Nebraska on opening day.

I’m hyped.

Last season, Nebraska finished with just 4 wins and I had to pretty much ignore college football entirely. When Nebraska is irrelevant, I tend to check out but not this season. Scott Frost, who went undefeated with UCF last year is the new head coach and he is going to lead this program back to the promised land.

I can still feeeel the 56-14 blow out loss to Ohio State last season. Never again. Scott Frost is a winner. Frost led the Cornhuskers to their last National Championship when he was the starting quarterback back in 1997.

Adrian Martinez is going to dominate this spread offense where he can take off running any time he doesn’t see a receiver open and he’s athletic enough to move the chains whenever a play breaks down. I’m all in on Adrian Martinez.

The Big Ten is weak. Urban Meyer is suspended the first three games. Well, I guess that’s the only dip in the conference and he’ll be back like he never left.


Adrian Martinez over everything.




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