NBC Has New Matt Lauer Rules Where If You Don’t Report Sexual Harassment You’re Fired

A source tells Page Six that NBC employees have been ordered to report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace — and if they fail to do so, they could be fired for covering up for colleagues.

Detailed rules also have been issued about conduct in the office, including how to socialize and even how to hug colleagues.

A source says, “Romantic relationships at work are not exactly unusual, but now NBC says it is taking a zero-tolerance approach. Staffers have been told that if they find out about any affairs, romances, inappropriate relationships or behavior in the office, they have to report it to human resources, their superior or the company anti-harassment phone line. Staffers are shocked that they are now expected to snitch on their friends.



Well, this seems like a bit of an overcorrection, no? Not only can you no longer hook up with coworkers but if you see Brenda in marketing and Joey in sales make out at the Christmas party and you don’t tell HR, you’re fired along with them.

Matt Lauer messed the whole game up for everybody. All because this asshole had a button under his desk that locked his door from the inside so he could force himself on some interns, now no one at NBC can get laid.

It was already hard enough out here for a pimp but now Megyn Kelly can’t get it in. I don’t think the problem at NBC was romantic relationships. I’m pretty sure it was women who felt powerless to say ‘no’ to Matt Lauer who was the most powerful man on the network and because of this fear, they couldn’t tell anyone as Lauer would either deny it or NBC would sweep it under the rug.

NBC truly has not learned anything from all of these sexual harassment stories coming out. They don’t need a stricter policy. They just need to listen to women when they approach them with problems.





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