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NBA Power Rankings: Post-Trade Deadline Chaos

I firmly believe that the NBA Trade Deadline should be a national holiday. No one is allowed to work until 3pm Eastern Time. The only people on the clock are NBA front offices attempting to fleece the Los Angeles Clippers for DeAndre Jordan.

Here are the Post-Trade Deadline NBA Power Rankings:

30. Cleveland Cavaliers

A week ago, the Cavaliers looked like they had no idea how to play basketball and after one huge win against the Boston Celtics, we are now supposed to believe that they are the greatest team ever assembled.

Sooo, the Cavs are suddenly saved because they traded Jae Crowder for Rodney Hood? Color me suspicious but I don’t really think Larry Nance’s son, who is averaging 5 points a game, is going to carry Cleveland to the NBA Finals.

Honestly, I just can’t wait until the Cavs go on another losing streak and Jordan Clarkson stands on a bench in the locker room and yells at Kevin Love for pretending to have a broken hand.


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