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NBA Power Rankings: Luka Doncic is The Messiah and Mario Hezonja is Also The Messiah

NBA Power Rankings BACK. This might be the first time in 3 seasons that I’m actually writing consecutive power rankings on time. I either have way too much free time these days or I just know you guys are fiending for this fire content. Probably both. Definitely the former.

The West continues to be a rollercoaster ride as there is seemingly a new first place team every week while the East hasn’t really budged at the top. Two saviors have emerged from the clouds to save us from ourselves.


Here are this week’s Power Rankings:



30. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls haven’t won in two weeks. I’m being told that’s bad. A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Zach Levine was one of the biggest surprises this season but upon watching him play more, I feel bad for Bulls fan who watch Levine chuck up shots all game long and then get WASHED on defense. That’s your king?

The good news is, future phenom Lauri Markennen is BACK from his elbow injury and scored 10 in his debut. As you could’ve predicted, the Bulls still lost. But Lauri’s offense might be enough to cancel out Jabari Parker’s complete lack of defense. Balance.

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