NBA Power Rankings: Kawhi Leonard is Healthy as Hell and Carmelo Anthony is the Worst Player in NBA History

The first official Deadseriousness NBA Power Rankings of the season have arrived *airhorn airhorn*. The sample size is large enough for me to find a way to make fun of 90% of the league.

The season just started and there has already been a flood of drama. Rondo and Chris Paul punched each other’s faces off. Kyrie Irving lied to the city of Boston and said that he was re-signing when he for sure is not. Karl-Anthony Towns is a loser.

A lot has occurred.


Here are the NBA Power Rankings:

30. Cleveland Cavaliers 1-11

The most shocking thing to happen this season is the Cleveland Cavaliers getting that one win. No one saw that coming. Cedi Osman went off, I guess. But the greatest player in Cavs history is gone. The head coach is gone. Kevin Love is out for a month with a foot injury. JR Smith is high as shit.

It’s also being reported that their first-round draft pick, Collin Sexton, has no idea how to play basketball which some might say is a bit of a detriment for a professional basketball player but what do I know?

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