NBA Needs To Ban Kyle Lowry From All-Star Games

Sunday night’s All-Star game was one of the most competitive exhibitions in the history of the game thanks to the new Elam rules that turned the 4th quarter into a street fight. All the cute alley-oops and deep thre- point attempts were done. Giannis and LeBron stepped up defensively.

Luka Doncic and Trae Young had to watch from the sidelines as veterans Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry played the entire 4th quarter and unfortunately, Lowry turned the All-Star game into a Missouri Valley Conference finals as he was flopping for charges left and right like he wearing a Loyola Ramblers jersey playing for Sister Jean.

Get the fuuuuuck out of here, KYLE.

I promise you, no one on Earth turned on the All-Star game to watch Kyle Lowry play basketball. The Toronto Raptors are 2nd in the Eastern Conference following a 15-game win streak as Lowry scores 19.6 points per game with 7.6 assists but that does not suddenly make Lowry a watchable NBA player.

Lowry is the least athletic player on the floor no matter who the other 9 players on the floor are. He is a slow husky try-hard that takes charges in the All-Star game. Did we really need his 42% shooting percentage out there with the game on the line?

Why not put out Jimmy Butler who actually plays defense without flopping on his back at the slightest hint on contact and has the balls to hit game-winning shots with Lowry sits wide open on the perimeter and swings the ball around because he’s a coward.

The NBA needs to stop in and ban this fun-stopper from these games.

It doesn’t matter how good the Raptors are. The Lakers and Bucks are better and no one on Earth is demanding Eric Bledsoe and Avery Bradley make the team. You want to know why? Because they’re boring as hell and they’re not stars. Same with Kyle Lowry.

I’d rather see Trae Young out there turning the ball over or Donovan Mitchell bricking 3’s off the backboard. At least neither of those two would’ve been slapping the floor like a 4th string point guard at Duke playing garbage minutes when the team is up by 30 over a division II school with 30 seconds left in the game.

Keep Kyle Lowry out of All-Star games forever.





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