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NBA 2K20 Just Tricked Me Into Buying Their Garbage Video Game

The WNBA will be featured in NBA 2K20 including franchise and season modes and it’s about damn time. I’m a sucker. You give me the option to bust people’s ass playing as Breanna Stewart and I’m running to buy your game.

NBA 2K has fallen off.

Every year you’re essentially only buying the game because of the updated rosters. There isn’t much change in gameplay from year-to-year and whenever they attempt something ‘innovative’ it makes the game unnecessarily complicated.

And just like the Madden football games, there’s no real competition so Madden and 2K don’t really need to do much to make the same people buy their games year after year because there’s no alternative.

The last NBA game I played was 2K14. LeBron is on the cover wearing a Miami Heat jersey. Times were simpler then.

But now I can get buckets with Tina Charles?! Okay, you got me. Take my money.

Let’s just ignore the fact that the WNBA still isn’t featured in 2K’s big MyCareer mode. Let’s ignore that NCAA Football was cancelled because none of the college players were getting any of the money that the game was making and now the WNBA—which still suffers from star players making less than the concession workers at the arenas they play in—won’t see any raise in their salaries when this game sells millions of copies.

But outside of those small problems, this is ‘good for the game’ or whatever. It gets these players names out there. As much as I think that’s kind of BS, it very clearly works for American’s interest in international soccer. If it wasn’t for playing FIFA growing up, I would have no idea who Ryan Giggs and Robin van Persie are.

The WNBA is basically getting an unpaid internship on NBA 2K20 and being told ‘this is good for exposure. This is going to look good on your resume’, which is both somewhat true and super condescending but I reckon it’s better than nothing. Progress(??)

I’ll see everyone on Xbox live. I’ll be killing people with Natasha Cloud’s crossover.

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