Nathan Peterman Threw 52 Passes This Season…6 Of Those Were Interceptions

BAHAHAHAHA Nathan fucking Peterman, man. Statistically, about 11% of Peterman’s pass attempts end up in the defender’s hands. That’s insane. He has a career passing percentage of 49% and he was given the ball with the chance to win a real life football game. BAHAHAHA.

Peterman has easily become my new favorite quarterback. It was rough to watch Tyrod Taylor go out with a concussion. Watching football sucks when you know these players slamming their heads together will cut their life expectancy completely in half. You’re literally watching 300 pounds men murder each other, gladiator style.

But there was instant joy when you saw Peterman on the sideline putting his helmet on and having a catch, where I assume every single ball he tossed landed at the assistant coach’s feet. First play, he runs for his life to get the first down and he’s so shocked that he did something positive that he drops the ball and doesn’t even try to recover it. My man fumbled the ball and left it sitting there like he opened up a piece of gum and let the wrapper drop to the ground.

Then Peterman again, is shocked by the Jacksonville Jaguars pass rush and immediately tosses the ball into his offensive lineman’s back which is a 15-yard penalty and a loss of down. Yet, the Buffalo Bills comeback rages on.

4th down and it’s time to win the game. All or nothing. This is where legends are made. Nathan Peterman throws the ball directly into the hands of the best cornerback in football, Jalen Ramsey anndddd the Bills lose. First playoff game in over a decade and the Bills scored 3 points.

Yes, I know that Tyrod Taylor didn’t light the world on fire. He too, missed every single receiver he threw to but he at least looks like an NFL quarterback. For comparison sake, Tyrod Taylor threw 457 passes this year with only 4 interceptions. Nathan Peterman has SIX interceptions in THREE quarters of football.

Nathan fucking Peterman, man.



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