Nathan Peterman is the Worst Quarterback in NFL History

Okay, so that first interception wasn’t necessarily his fault. It ricochets off of the receiver and happens to land in the arms of the defense. Although you can argue, he threw an awful pass directly off of his receivers face mask from point-blank range but again, not necessarily his fault.

But the FIFTH interception was thrown to the Chargers cornerback as if the cornerback was running the curl route. Nathan Peterman ended the game passing 6-for-14 with 5 interceptions and was eventually returned to the bench where he belonged and in came Tyrod Taylor, who should have never been replaced to begin with.

Head coach, Sean McDermott, said he was benching Tyrod Taylor to save their season and then proceeded to lose 54-24 to the San Diego Chargers in an absolute BLOW OUT to fall to 5-5 on the year in a game that all but ends their season. Good call, Sean.

The worst part about this performance is that Tyrod Taylor is entering free agency after this season and he won’t get signed. Meanwhile, Nathan Peterman will start all 16 games next season only to lead the Bills to a 0-16 season.

Being a tall white quarterback in the NFL is good work if you can get it.


Uh, Nathan Peterman looks like he isn’t capable of ‘learning’ anything outside of shapes and colors.


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