Natalie Portman Says She Won’t Show Her Son Star Wars

So apparently Natalie Portman hasn’t shown her 5-year old son the Star Wars prequels yet because she dies at the end. Spoilers? I totally forgot that even happened. I actually really enjoyed Revenge of the Sith and I still tried to cancel that part of the movie from my brain. Everything moments before Obi-Wan vs. Anakin need not be recalled.

I thought she was going to say that she didn’t show her son Star Wars because Hayden Christensen is a creep. Or because Jar Jar Binks has more lines than Obi-Wan Kenobi. Or because George Lucas writes dialogue like he’s a toddler playing with action figures. Or because it’s a political drama that no 5-year old kid can sit through without napping.

Or because Anakin built C3PO. Or because Anakin hates sand. Or because Darth Maul is a completely wasted character. Or because NO ONE realized that Chancellor Papaltine was a Sith Lord. Or because the prequels were bad.

Mother of the year.


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