Natalie Portman’s Oscars Dress Is The Prime Example of When Hollywood Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

The 2020 Academy Awards were this past Sunday which meant there was a room full of Actors all racing to the stage to thank their spouses and make some very vague remarks about climate change or whatever.

I like the Oscars and most of these actors seem to mean well so this isn’t about to be Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes opening monologue where I hate on celebrity culture and blame Hollywood for all of the Earth’s wars and famine.

Natalie Portman rolled through with an embroidered Dior cape with the names of all the female directors who were snubbed by the Oscars and on paper, it was a cool concept.

This is a really cool gesture by Portman. Every year, female directors are totally ignored by the Academy and this year in particular saw women completely shut out of the Best Director category so shout out Natalie for pointing out names like Greta Gerwing and Lorene Scafaria who deserve recognition for their work.

But like, what are we actually doing here?

Yes, congrats for showing love to women who are being neglected by these awards shows but perhaps Natalie Portman is not the ideal messenger considering she has her own movie production company in which she’s only hired a female director twice—herself.

This is exactly why people get pissed at Leonardo DiCaprio for warning all of us about climate change in his Oscars acceptance speech within hours of stepping off his private jet from France. Please stop lecturing me about using paper straws. I am poor and need to walk everywhere. You take private jets across the world. Let’s not even compare our carbon footprints, my guy.

It’s frustrating as hell to see the people with all the money and power and influence as they stand on soapboxes to bring ‘awareness’ to causes instead of actually using that money and power and influence to actively do something about the causes that they’re pretending to care about.

If you’re so concerned about female directors, Natalie, maybe fucking hire one. The hell am I supposed to do about it? Why are you pointing out these female directors to ME? You have the production company. Perhaps you should do something about it and save the performative bullshit.

And to write these names on a Dior cape. Ew. Maybe use all that money to uh, pay a director with a vagina to make a movie for you instead of a jacket with their name on it to signify how badly women are treated.


This is why I hate people like Michael Bloomberg, who has spent $38 a SECOND on his presidential campaign for no reason. Spending money to donate and truly fix problems you’re publicly pretending to care about might be a better use of your dollars than airing nonstop commercials advertising *checks notes* yourself.

Dear rich people, you’re allowed to use your money to effectively change the issues you care about. You also don’t have to tell us about it knowing damn well me and my 200 Instagram followers can’t do anywhere near as much as you and your embroidered fucking capes.

Everyone go see Little Women.





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