Naked Chick Got Lost in the Woods For a Month (Meth Involved)

A student who wandered alone and naked in the wilderness for almost a month may have gotten lost and disorientated after she had taken methamphetamine, police suspect.

Lisa Theris lost 40 pounds after she hobbled around in circles in dense woods just a mile from the American highway where she was eventually found covered in mud and scratches.



This is my biggest fear in the world. I write jokes on the Internet. I am the least prepared to wake up in the middle of the woods and survive for a month. There isn’t enough meth in the world to keep me alive for that long. One night in the woods and I’m looking for a noose.

Shout out to Lisa Theris for surviving the elements on his little vision quest in the wilderness. I also don’t know how to measure distance but I feel like wandering¬†around in the woods when you’re just a mile away from a major highway is a bad look.

Also this chick kind of looks like Emilia Clarke in that photo so I can’t help but imagine she was found naked covered in mud like Daenerys Targaryen at the end of season 1. Lisa Theris: Mother of Dragons.



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