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Nah, Get Golden Tate The Fuck Out of Here

I’m speechless so this article may be like, 3 sentences long.

The frustrations level are at an all-time high. The New York Giants either have no idea what the fuck they’re doing or they are intentionally destroying themselves for undisclosed reasons.

The Giants traded the best wide receiver in the NFL to the Cleveland Browns two days ago and decided to replace him with a 31-year old receiver for $23 million guaranteed dollars.

Someone please explain to me the point of signing Odell Beckham to that massive contract only to trade him away the following season and then replace him with Golden fucking Tate.

You can’t tell me that the Giants traded ODB in an attempt to save money because now with the financial hit against the cap charged to the team for trading Beckham combined with the contract they just gave to Tate, the Giants are spending over $20 million for Golden. Fucking. Tate.

If you are going to spend all of that money on the wide receiver position then just KEEP the best wide receiver in franchise history who is in his prime.

Are the New York Giants rebuilding or trying to win now? Are they trying to save money by letting Odell and Landon Collins go or are they getting rid of superstars and using that extra money to sign shitty replacement level veterans like Tate and Antoine Bethea?

The Giants let Landon Collins go for free even though they could’ve traded him at the deadline when the team was 1-7 and they could’ve just franchise tagged him and traded him fucking TODAY like the Kansas City Chiefs just did with Dee Ford.

After every single one of these dumb ass moves, the glass half full Giants writers come out of the vapors and try to find the silver lining. The bright side of the Giants awful handling of the Landon Collins situation was that they would receive a 3rd round compensatory draft pick.

Fun fact: by signing Golden Tate, the Giants not only forfeit that compensatory pick but now they owe the Philadelphia Eagles a 3rd round compensatory pick. So they lost Landon Collins to the Redskins and gave a free pick to the Eagles. Dave Gettleman might just trade Saquon Barkley to the Dallas Cowboys for a signed Jason Witten football by the end of the week.

I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the worst offseason in NFL history. The Giants are making awful decisions and then doubling down on those awful decisions with even worse decisions.

I’m so mad about the decision making that I don’t even have the energy to talk about Golden Tate out here rocking a MAGA hat with his MAGA hat who is the most MAGA wife I’ve ever seen.

Get Golden Tate the fuck out of here. BOOOOOOOO.




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