My Better Late Than Never Sharknado Thoughts

 My Better Late Than Never Sharknado Thoughts


Now that all the hoopla has died down, it’s time to step back a bit. Surely, the Twitterverse (and for the record, I hate that word even more than blogosphere) had a field day with the event that was Sharknado. In fact there have been articles written with the ‘funniest’ tweets. I mean, what kind of lazy bullshit is that? Making an entire post about previously posted tweets? How lazy. Sure a lot of these came from professional comedians like Patton Oswalt, but the fact of the matter, none of them were funny or creative. Like all mine were.



So, here are my best tweets for you to decide.



Any time Ina Ziering gets “and” billing in the credits, you know you’re in for a good time.



I haven’t seen that much red tide since Whoopi Goldberg went in for a dip.



I’m already rooting for everyone to die. Hopefully horribly. Just like their acting.



I’m not worried about Tara Reid. She’ll be able to float. Lopsided, but she’ll still float.



I’d be more worried about the grody LA sewer water than the damn sharks.



These people seem oddly comfortable fighting sharks in their own house.



They probably feel like fools for throwing away that Shark vacuum cleaner now.



Still an hour left for my intelligence to be insulted.



Ironically, LA will be cleaner after the Sharknado.



This is the first time Tara Reid has been in a liquor store and not maxed out her credit cards.



Well, this really kind of one ups the cows in Twister.



BREAKING NEWS! Luke Perry has just signed to star in Spiderlanche.



Ironic Syfy is hyping a show called Question Everything when I’ve watched Sharknado for the last 90 minutes.



Good to know the gas tank from my grill can disarm the next Sharknado that blows through town.



He has a pretty good shot. For firing a handgun. From the ground. Into a Sharknado. And hitting a shark.



I haven’t seen sharks plummet that fast since the Stanley Cup playoffs.



For being inside of a shark, I think I would still do her.

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