Multiple NBA Teams Actually Want to Trade For Derrick Rose

Multiple teams view Rose as a potential trade target, according to league sources.

It would be surprising if the Knicks didn’t get calls about Rose as the deadline approaches. He has struggled on defense and hasn’t distributed the ball well, but he has shown that he’s again one of the best lane penetrators in the NBA.

Rose isn’t the only Knick whose name will be bandied about in the next seven days. There’s also the well-documented Carmelo Anthony situation.



This news is absolutely astonishing. There are teams in the NBA that actually want to trade for D-Rose at the trade deadline. Now, he isn’t statically having a bad season. He’s scoring 17.7 points per game and can get into the paint whenever he wants.

Having said that, Derrick Rose is a sociopath. After tearing his knee to shreds TWICE in Chicago, his first press conference in his return was him saying that he wanted to make more money. This season, he straight up vanished. He missed a game and didn’t alert anyone in the Knicks organization. The next day, he said he wanted a max deal in the offseason.

Fucking sociopath.

This is the best news in the world. Please, someone take Rose from New York, please. Trade Rose for a Snickers bar. James Dolan isn’t himself when he’s hungry. I don’t even need draft picks, I don’t need bench players. I just need Derrick Rose to be wearing a different jersey before this Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline.




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