Morning Caffeine News Rush: Nancy Pelosi is Fed The Fuck Up and Jon Gruden Gets Served

Today’s Morning Caffeine News Rush we have Nancy Pelosi trying to explain to Donald Trump how politicals work, Ann Coulter wins racist bingo and Jon Gruden gets served papers.

1. Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump Have a Heated Exchange About Paying For a Wall At The Border.

Listening to Nancy calmly explain to Trump how legislation works is almost as strange as watching Mike Pence sit in on these meetings for absolutely no reason.

2. Philadelphia Phillies Sign Andrew McCutchen.

Phillies are going straight to the World Series. You heard it here first.

3. The City of Oakland is Suing The Raiders For Moving To Las Vegas.

The business behind professional sports and the stadiums that they force cities and residents to pay for is kind of gross and exploitative but TOUCHDOWNS, BABYYY WOOOO.

4. Baltimore Orioles Hire Brandon Hyde As New Manager.

I do not know who this man is.

5. Ann Coulter Casually Lists Off All The People She Hates.

Ann Coulter is a walking KKK hood.

6. Movies Starring Women Earn More Money Than Moves Starring Men.

Ayyyyy let’s gooooo. Movies starring women make more money yet somehow female actresses still make less money. Weird.

7. Megan Fox Explains Her #MeToo Situation.

Shout out to Michael Bay for harassing Megan Fox and somehow getting everyone to call Megan ‘difficult to work with’. Definitely the behavior of a good quality man.

8. Donald Trump Thought Christian Bale Was Actually Bruce Wayne.

YOU people reallyyy voted for this man THAT THINKS MOVIES ARE REAL.

9. Gregg Popovich Passes Pat Riley on All-Time Wins List.

Pray for the poor intern that told Pat Riley he was passed on this list. Thoughts and Prayers to his family.

10. Top 10 Songs of 2018.

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