Morning Caffeine News Rush: Mitt Romney is a Bitch and Urban Meyer is OUUUUUT of Here

Today’s Morning Caffeine News Rush we have Mitt Romney doing too little too late, Kanye West still in the Sunken Place and Urban Meyer is finally up out of here.

1. Mitt Romney Writes Op-Ed Calling Out Donald Trump’s ‘Character

Trump spent his entire adult life being an asshole to literally everyone. Throughout his whole presidential campaign, he shit on everyone in his line of sight. He’s been the worst president of all time for TWO YEARS already and now Mitt is like ‘ahem, um guys, I think Donald is a big meanie’.

2. Stranger Things 3 Coming Soon….

3. Urban Meyer Retires From Ohio State

He’ll be coaching Texas by the end of the day.

4. Ben Roethlisberger Blames Bad 2018 Season on Le’Veon Bell

Big Ben could literally stab you in the face and be like ‘not my fault. there shouldn’t have been a knife around, buddy. That’s on you’.

5. Kanye West Wants The World To Know He’s Still a Trump Supporter

Fuck Kanye.

6. Kawhi Leonard Drops Career-High 45

Kawhi is healthy as hell.

7. New York Yankees Sign Troy Tulowitzki

That’s not….that’s not Manny Machado tho.

8. Tiffany Haddish Gets Heckled and Booed at New Year’s Eve Show

Oh no… was Katt Williams right?

9. Christian Pulisic Signs With Chelsea

Soccer babyyyyy. That sweet sweet soccer.

10. Louis CK is the Worst Comedian on the Planet

“What’s the deal with the blacks” -Louis CK in an empty auditorium somewhere.

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