Mookie Betts is Going To Singlehandedly Destroy The Boston Red Sox

Mookie Betts is a 4-time All-Star, 4-time Golden Glove winning outfielder and 3-time Silver Slugger. In 2018 he won the MVP and the batting title. He is without a doubt one of the best outfielders in baseball and probably the second best behind only Mike Trout.

The problem is, the Boston Red Sox only won 84 games last season and were 19 games behind the New York Yankees. They finished third in the division behind the Devil Rays. Pathetic.

Here is the bigger problem, the Red Sox didn’t come close to making the playoffs and had the highest payroll in the entire sport. So it should surprise no one that Boston is looking to move Mookie Betts, especially after JD Martinez opted back into to his huge contract.

With no serious suitors for their more expensive and declining players, Chris Sale and David Price, Mookie Betts—who just agreed to a 1-year $27 million salary after arbitration—is the best player on the team by miles yet is still the odd man out financially much like Alex Rodriguez was as a Texas Ranger.

Mookie, fully aware of the stranglehold he has on the Red Sox’s throat, has recently decided to apply more pressure and is asking for a historic extension.

12-years and $420 million. Jesus.

Again, the Red Sox have the highest payroll and none of the rules. This Mookie deal seems inevitable and reports say that the San Diego Padres have offered the best deal which would put him in the middle of a batting order that includes Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr.

As a Yankees fan, I am all for the removal of Mookie. Send him to the National League, please.

Now, Red Sox fans can argue that the benefit of trading Mookie is that Boston can rebuild their talent-vacant farm system. If you’re struggling to beat Tampa Bay then you might as well acquire young stars to develop as you wait for the Devil Rays to inevitably trade all of their good players as they do every two years.

We also have to remember that whoever trades for Betts is only getting one year before he enters free agency so what teams will actually want to give away their best prospects for a rental. That doesn’t mean that Boston will get nothing for Betts but they certainly won’t be cleaning out a team’s cupboards on the deal.

So thank you, Mookie, for putting the Boston Red Sox organization in a headlock.







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