Mom Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison After Banging Her Daughter’s 15-Year Old Boyfriend

Kathy Tompa from Alpharetta, was sentenced to 15 years in jail, the same length of time her victim has been alive. 

Tompa was originally charged with child molestation and rape in May. She admitted that she had been having a sexual relationship with the teenager for at least six months. 

In court, the boy’s mother told the judge that her son had to move out of the area because of the humiliation it caused him.

She even groomed the boy to have sex with her own daughter before then persuading him to have sex with her.

‘She was advising him on how to kiss her daughter, how to touch her daughter, when would be an appropriate time to touch her buttocks, what would be the appropriate time and manner to remove her shirt,’ Forsyth County Assistant District Attorney Heather Dunn told the judge.

Tompa eventually invited him to her home for sex late one night while her husband was away on business.

(Daily Mail)

There’s a lotttt to unpack here. A lot of different perspectives to cover. I have to start off with Kathy Tompa’s cuckold husband. You can’t let your wife bang your daughter’s 15-year old boyfriend. That just can’t happen. The ONLY time it’s acceptable for your significant other to rather sleep with a 15-year old then you is if she too, is 15- years old. Otherwise, you need to hop on a random fisherman’s boat and spend the rest of your sad remaining years on Earth at sea.

As far as this pussy kid, you were banging your girlfriend AND her mom? You should be icing your hand every day because you’re getting so many high fives. You shouldn’t be claiming you were molested. This was (is) my fantasy and you’re blowing it for everyone. This is the storyline from every Darla Crane porn video. Stop being a little bitch.

Lastly, I don’t want to talk shit about this teenage girl’s weak vag game but like, seriously. You can’t let your mom give your boyfriend sex lessons behind your back. I don’t talk to anyone about my sex life, especially a girlfriend’s mom. That’s just how bad Kathy Tompa’s daughter must be at sex. Read one Cosmo article. ONE.


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