Mom Goes on 11-Minute Meltdown Rant After Listening to Norf Norf by Vince Staples

I can’t wait until I have children so I, too, can become a self-righteous thought leader. Having said that, I completely agree with everything that was mentioned in this emotionally charged and super unnecessary video.

Norf Norf is a jam. Definitely in the monthly Spotify rotation. Perhaps that song doesn’t belong in the Top 40 after Meghan Trainor sings about her big fat ‘Bass’. I don’t mind rap songs on the Top 40. It’s 2016, everyone and their mothers rap. But I wouldn’t really consider Norf Norf a pop hit.

Also, I need this woman to have her own weekly, perhaps even nightly, show where she reads rap lyrics in tears. That was must-watch for sure. But don’t I didn’t notice those hard R’s come in at the end when you were reading the n-word. Try to contain your racism while complaining about rap music. That’s way too easy of a throughline to draw.

Let’s clean up our Top 40 stations. Or don’t, so we can have more self-important teen moms complain on Facebook live. Both work for me.

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