Model Citizen Greg Hardy Arrested For Cocaine

Hardy was stopped about 11:22 p.m. after turning onto Midway Drive from the 300 block of North Glenville Drive. The officer gave Hardy a verbal warning for the traffic violation but asked for his consent to search his 2010 white Dodge Challenger, the police report says.

He told the officer that he didn’t know what the substance was and said he believed he got it while he was at a party Saturday night, according to police. Hardy said he passed his wallet around at the party because he was paying for everybody, and he said that must have been when someone put the substance in his wallet.


Who’s better than Greg Hardy? Such an outstanding man. He was at a party on Saturday night just passing around his wallet to pay for everyone’s night when some sort of troublemaker or ne’er do-well decided to slip in a bag of coke. This is terrible news. Someone is trying to bring down one of America’s greatest heroes.

I wonder what it’s like to just be a horrible fucking person every single day. Greg Hardy wakes up in the morning, beats the shit out of the woman he probably forced to sleep with him the night before and goes to bed coked out of his brain and repeats the cycle.

I want/ NEED Greg Hardy behind bars, I don’t know, forever? Thanks.

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