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The Minnesota Twins Are About To Dunk on the New York Yankees

The Minnesota Twins are 51-27 on the year and they’re 8.5 games up in an AL Central that they will win without breaking a sweat which heading into the season might’ve been surprising but in actuality, of course they’re dominating.

The Twins play in a division with Kansas City and Detroit, two teams that aren’t even trying to win games. They are actively tanking. The Chicago White Sox are in the midst of a rebuild which is a nice way of telling the fans that they too, are tanking.

Cleveland decided to spend zero dollars improving their team over the years so while all of the American League powerhouses retooled every season, Cleveland made the 2016 World Series and never tried to improve since then.

Now, it appears as though the Twins aren’t settling for the division as they look to make a deep playoff run by adding a veteran Ace to battle with the likes of Justin Verlander and Chris Sale and Nester Cortes.

Minnesota’s starters are already killing it with a 3.74 ERA and 8.27 K/9 with only 2.36 K/9. Jose Berrios and Jake Odorizzi may not be household names but they are doing exactly what you want from the No. 1 and 2 pitchers on a playoff team.

But then you look at the back half of their rotation and you’re looking at a hat covered in pine tar.

Michael Pineda has a 5.04 ERA. Last season he gave up 27 home runs all year. This season he’s already given up 20 bombs. It’s June.

In Pineda’s last start, he went 5 innings and gave up 5 runs on 8 hits. Oh, and a home run of course against the last place Royals.

For comparison sake, Madison Bumgarner’s last start was 6 innings giving up only 2 runs on 3 hits with 11 strikeouts against Colorado.

It’s been reported for weeks that the New York Yankees have made calls to the Giants about acquiring Madison Bumgarner so if the Twins acquire him instead, not only are they adding a potential World Series MVP to their roster but they’re preventing their competition from fixing their biggest flaw.

Bumgarner isn’t who he used to be when San Fran was in the World Series seemingly every year but he’s far better than Michael Pineda or Chad Green for an inning.

Whichever team can bring him over will be the new favorites to win the American League. They also might save Max Muncy’s life.

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