Minnesota Timberwolves Sign Derrick Rose So They Are Officially the Worst Team in the NBA

“This is how I feel about it, the whole perspective on it: You could have your perspective on me, as far as I’m a bum, I can’t play, I can’t shoot, this and that, all right, cool,” he said, according to’s Nick Friedell. “I have no hard feelings with that. I’m cool with that. [If] that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel, but at the same time, I don’t need your f–king validation. I know who I am, I know what type of player I am. So you respect that and I respect that [point of view] and we should be good. That’s how I feel about it.”

(Bleacher Report)


Dear NBA, STOP paying Derrick Rose millions of dollars to play basketball. He is no longer good at it. In fact, he’s the worst. And every single time he gets a new contract, he enters the new deal with this attitude like ‘I know I’m the best. I don’t listen to these haters’ as he shoots 25% from behind the 3-point arc this season but yup, when people say Rose can’t shoot they are for sure lying.

What is the point of this signing? As I write this, the Minnesota Timberwolves are currently the 6th seed in the Western Conference as they have lost 3 games in a row. They are 1.5 games ahead of the 9th place Denver Nuggets and could be bounced from the playoffs by the end of the day.

Here’s a cute little stat, this season the Cavs were outscored 5.3 points per 100 possessions when Rose was on the floor. The Timberwolves are already one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA. Karl-Anthony Towns is forever in the wrong place defensively and jumps through the roof on every pump fake. Statistically, shooters make more buckets when Wiggins is guarding them then they do when they are wide open. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

Oh, also Derrick Rose left the Cavs for ‘personal reasons’ but he actually got secretly married to some Instagram broad.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are the worst team in the NBA.



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