Mindhunter is the Perfect Combination of Serial Killers Being Creepy and David Fincher Also Being Creepy

Sooo I watched Mindhunter all in one sitting. I’m not proud of that statement but I’m also not ashamed. Netflix shows have figured out the formula to make you waste your entire day engaged in a show about how FBI agents identified murderers.

Jonathan Groff plays Holden Ford, whose character name is a little on the nose. It is the classic story of a man attempting to disrupt and innovate while everyone in the FBI is like ‘No Holden, that’s not how WE do things. Get back to work.’

Mindhunter works for three reasons: 1. The relationship between Holden and his partner, Bill Tench, was a fun balance. I love me a buddy cop movie and this had what I needed. The young hotshot and the ‘I’m getting too old for this shit’ jaded vet. 2. Intense interrogation scenes where cops put murderers through mental circles. “You recognize that rock, right? BECAUSE YOU KILLED HER WITH IT DIDN’T YOU” 3. David Fincher flexing his directorial muscles.

However, the best part of the show is Cameron Britton portraying serial killer Ed Kemper who decapitated his mom and humped her neck hole. Standard serial killer stuff. Ed Kemper scenes were MUST-WATCH. If you don’t have time to watch Mindhunter, change your lifestyle, but if you can’t do that then just watch the Ed Kemper scenes where he describes his motives and actions.

The show does a great job of not making it clear whether or not Kemper is lying about everything he’s saying or if he is truly helping Holden but it does a great job to show that Holden is not just getting in the mud to pick the brains of these psychopaths but he’s becoming one himself.

Also, I feel like I should mention the female characters in this show because the show decided not to. Shout out to Holden’s girlfriend Debbie who exists solely so that he can tell her about cases he’s working on and she just listens. She’s also just there to teach him sex. I don’t even know if she has a last name in this show.

That scene where she wears lingerie and Holden says ‘this isn’t you’ still makes me cringe. NOOO SHIIIT, Holden. The sex robot that is Debbie was probably the worst part of the show besides that one serial killer jerking off into a pair of high heels. Even he had more character development than Debbie.

Also, shout out to discount Carrie Coon aka Anna Torv, who had one scene about her concealing her sexuality only for it to never be addressed or fleshed out at all. She had more scenes involving tuna cans than she did with actual emotions and stakes. That mute kid playing with Lincoln legs got more shine than Dr. Wendy Carr.

But anyway, Mindhunter and I can’t wait for season 2 where they completely rewrite history. Every episode started with them setting up the BTK Killer doing mundane shit and burning drawings of his victims. Mindhunter takes place in 1977 and the BTK Killer was arrested like, 10 years ago.




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