The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics Are Going To MURDER Each Other This Season

On Saturday morning, Team USA beat Team Giannis 69-53 in the 2019 FIBA World Cup group stage. Following the contest, there was a bit of a skirmish between Jaylen Brown and Giannis after an Antetokounmpo brother fouled the shit out of Harrison Barnes from behind while Barnes was in the air.

Here is the inciting foul:

I’ll be honest uh, you can’t do that.

Jaylen Brown came over to Giannis after the game and hit him with a ‘yo, control ya mans’ which led to some postgame pushing and shoving but there’s obviously more to this than just some first round FIBA beef. Although, Jaylen is a worldly brother. He might have some problems with the way Greece runs it’s economy.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics have met in the playoffs the last two seasons with Boston easily winning in 2018 and the Bucks beating the Celtics in 2019. We’ve got ourselves some legit beef.

[Extremely Young Thug voice] WE WANT ALL THE SMOKE.

This Team USA team has four members of the Celtics on it so you know they were licking their lips when they saw Greece was on the schedule. This is like when MJ and Pippen destroyed Croatia in the 92 Olympics because they saw that the Bulls signed Croatian star Toni Kukoc and wanted to let him know what the NBA was really like. And they were about to play on the same team.

Genuinely shocked Marcus Smart didn’t pull Giannis into a crippler crossface while Jayson Tatum applied the sharpshooter to his legs.

Adam Silver and the NBA has to do whatever it takes to make sure these two clubs meet in the postseason. Pay off refs and make it happen. There will be nothing funnier than Enes Kanter attempting to play tough guy only for Giannis to drive his fist through Kanter’s face and out of the back of his head.

The Bucks and Celtics are going to murder each other. Thank you, FIBA.

sidenote: Harrison Barnes is on this team and Kyle Kuzma didn’t make the roster. Lolololol at Lakers fans.


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