Miley Cyrus to Play a Concert Where Everyone is Nude Because Art

Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips are going on tour together and plan to have one completely naked concert. I don’t have a hot take here. I don’t have anything interesting to say. Nothing really funny here. I’m not into Miley Cyrus. She;s lame and I do not support lame shit.

Many people think she’s insane from being a child star. Others think she’s just attention hungry. Miley Cyrus clearly knows exactly what she’s doing with this “You never know what Miley’s going to do next” shtick. It’s lame as fuck. Go away.

Let’s stop allowing musicians to be maniacs because they’re “artists”. Wow Lady Gaga wore a dress of meat, she’s such an artist. Fuck out of here with that. You sing, sometimes. You’re still weird. You’re weird doesn’t suddenly become cool and edgy because you put out an album last year.


Sidenote: How old are the Flaming Lips? Stop hanging out with Hanna Montana. Shit’s weird.


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