Mike Pence’s Relationship With His Wife Karen Is The Creepiest Thing Ever

So the biggest story from this NFL weekend is the very blatant political stunt by Mike Pence and Donald Trump to stroke their conservative base real quick and get their approval rating up by doing literally nothing.

Mike Pence didn’t go to Indianapolis in hopes of watching a good ol fashioned sporting competition. He didn’t want to see a few fine young gents toss the pigskin around the pitch. Pence went there so that he could be photographed standing for the National Anthem and leave when he knew the 49ers were going to kneel.

Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to arrive in California for a three-day fundraising trip in a state that overwhelmingly rejected his boss.

Pence is set to arrive in Los Angeles on Sunday for an evening reception. He is planning to raise money and talk about tax reform during his trip in the state.

Pence was in Las Vegas on Saturday. He spoke at an afternoon prayer service honoring the 58 victims killed last Sunday in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The vice president flew to Indianapolis Saturday night to attend Sunday’s Colts football game before jetting to Los Angeles for a private 6:30 p.m. reception.


Pence had dinner plans in California. He stopped in Indy real quick for a soda and some Instagram likes. I don’t want to even talk about this stunt really. Trump supporters are salivating at his dedication to the troops or whatever.

I want to talk about his wife, Karen Pence, for a second.

Mike Pence has a pretty well documented creepy relationship with his wife:

Gov. Pence shouted to his wife, Karen, his closest adviser, at the other end of the table.

“Mother, Mother, who prepared our meal this evening?”

The legislators looked at one another, speaking with their eyes: He just called his wife “Mother.”

Maybe it was a joke, the legislator reasoned. But a few minutes later, Pence shouted again.

“Mother, Mother, whose china are we eating on?”

Mother Pence went on a long discourse about where the china was from. A little later, the legislators stumbled out, wondering what was weirder: Pence’s inability to make conversation, or calling his wife “Mother” in the second decade of the 21st century.


Mike Pence calls his wife ‘mother’ and she answers cheerfully. I don’t even call my mother ‘mother’ and Pence and his wife have some sort of creepy incest-driven love life that I want nothing to do with. I very much want them out of the White House for that reason alone.

After knowing that he calls Karen ‘mother’, this isn’t sweet or loyal. Mike Pence refusing to spend time with other women just reinforces his creepy dependency on his wife. I assume she puts a bib on him and spoon feeds him his applesauce every night. Disturbing shit.

But to bring this all full circle, Mike Pence pretty much brought his wife along to accompany him on a lame political stunt because I assume he can’t be alone without her. ‘Hey mother, Mr. Trump wants me to fly to Indianapolis and leave after the National Anthem. Can you please come hold my hand. You know how scared I get when the plane takes off.’

And I hate to talk about a woman’s look because I’m not out here looking like George Clooney but Karen Pence looks like a potato and that without a doubt adds to the creepiness. Try looking at a Karen Pence photo for longer than 5 seconds. It’s the opposite of Viagra.

I want these creeps out of my life forever.



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