Mike Glennon After Hearing He Was Benched For Mitch Trubisky: “I’m Still Team Captain”

“It’s not really a piece of advice, but he belongs,” Glennon said. “He’s good enough. He just has to have confidence in himself because he’s good enough.”

Glennon said Bears general manager Ryan Pace told him he appreciated how he handled the move, and Glennon said he’ll continue to operate that way — while staying ready in case he’s needed.

“Obviously, not what I wanted, not what I hoped for,” Glennon said. “But I still have a big role on this team. I’m still a captain of this football team. I’m going to handle it like a pro.”

(Chicago Tribune)

If you’ve followed me from the beginning of the season then you know I’ve been all in on the Chicago Bears weird quarterback situation. They gave the bag to Mike Glennon and then a week later immediately traded up to draft his replacement before he played a single game. And then on top of everything, they went out there and signed Mark Sanchez to back them both up just to reallyyy get my attention.

I’m all in.

I LOVE Glennon telling Trubisky ‘he belongs’ like Glennon is some sort of highly respected veteran quarterback passing the torch to the rookie. Glennon is pretty much just Brock Osweiler but he throws the ball out of bounds a little more. He’s not Brett Favre handing off the Packers to Aaron Rodgers.

“I’m still a captain on this football team”. For now. I wonder if he’s aware that the starting quarterback is almost always automatically named captain regardless of whether or not the locker room considers them a ‘leader’. Again, Brock Osweiler was a captain.

Can’t wait to see Glennon ‘lead’ Trubisky this Sunday. So selfless. Not all heroes can keep their starting quarterback jobs.





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