Mike Fiers Broke Giancarlo Stanton’s Face in 2014, Nearly Hit Him in the Face AGAIN and Then Called Stanton ‘Childish’ For Being Mad About It Sooo…Fuck Mike Fiers

What Happened?

Mike Fiers broke Giancarlo Stanton’s face in 2014. 4 Years later he hit him with another pitch high and inside. Stanton used all of his strength to not murder Fiers. Instead, he hit a BOMB into that Detroit parking garage where Eminem recorded that lame ass anti-Donald Trump spoken word freestyle.

Here’s what Mike Fiers had to say about his reunion with Giancarlo:



Was Giancarlo Stanton behaving ‘childishly’ with his bat flips and staredowns against Fiers?

Um, I might have already tipped my hand with the headline of this article. I’m clearly not #TeamFiers here.

You cannot fracture a man’s skull then throw another fastball close to his face and then call him out on his reaction to your bullshit. Now, I totally understand that he did not intentionally hit Stanton on either throw and it was an accident. Here’s the thing, accident’s have consequences.

If you are a NASCAR driver and you ‘accidentally’ hit another drive and nearly end his career then 4 years later you hit that same driver, the driver you keep hitting is allowed to punch your face in. Accident or not, your mistake effects other people’s lives.

If you cannot pitch NEAR the strike zone then you are not allowed to be a pitcher anymore. This has nothing to do with Stanton’s ‘character’ and if anything, it showed how mature Stanton is for not casually walking up to the mound and ripping Mike Fier’s spine out of his neck.

In the perfect world, Stanton would’ve laid prone after touching third base and army crawled home to reallyyyy milk that home run. Best case scenario, it’s the next day and Stanton still hasn’t touched home plate yet. That bat flip was tame.

Fuck Mike Fiers.



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