Mike Bloomberg is Dead, Elizabeth Warren Murdered Him

Elizabeth Warren came into this primary election cycle as the Democratic favorite. She was the most similar to Hillary Clinton in that they were both out of touch nerds that had the most direct line to become president based on the resume they’ve built over the years.

As the process moved forward, frontrunners like Kamala Harris were sent home and Liz Warren started to get lost in the shuffle. Coming into an election as the overall favorite is a guaranteed way to lose that election. Whether the candidate themselves chooses to take their foot off the gas like Hillary did in 2016 or the country grows tired of your message and look for new voices like Hillary losing to Barack in 2008.

Basically, you don’t want to be anything like Hillary Clinton.

Liz entered Wednesday night’s Democratic Debate in Nevada trending down in the polls and needed a big night to remind everyone why she was the favorite to begin with. In order to make an impact, Elizabeth let that choppa sing and caught a body on live television.


Mike Bloomberg snuck into this debate after ‘donating’ to the DNC aka throwing cash around in order to get his way which is an interesting move going against Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren whose number one issue is to prevent billionaires from throwing cash around to get their way.

In the weeks leading up to this debate that Bloomberg scammed his way into, there were reports revealing the toxic work environment he created and how grossly he treated his female employees by demanding pregnant women kill their unborn children and letting the fuckable ones know that he thought they were fuckable.

Lizzy Warren continued to put the full court press on Bloomberg’s corpse when she demanded that he allow the women who signed NDA’s to break their silence and explain his harassment.

Hopefully this public massacre can start a larger conversation about wealthy men’s ability to do whatever they want to women because they have enough money to silence anyone they harm and Bloomberg had absolutely no retort.

Lizzy put Mike in a chokehold and Mike just went to sleep with no fight back.

Warren made a very strong point. If Bloomberg has an excess of NDA’s from women whose asses he smacked on the elevator then that will completely tank his campaign if he were to become the Democratic nominee and she’s right. Every time Bloomberg and Trump were set to debate, there would be a new story about some women he called an ‘ugly bitch with fantastic cans’ before firing her when she objected to it.

Mike Bloomberg is a cunt. I cannot stress that enough. I have no idea who in his corner told him it was a good idea to be on that stage knowing damn well he was going to get no-scoped in the first hour.

Round of applause to pulling down the low-hanging fruit and just stomping the hell out of it. As much of a layup as it was for the woman on the stage to attack the man who publicly hates women, you still have to execute the plan in a way that seems organic and real and Lizzy knocked that shit out of the park.

We all have to recognize the danger of a Bloomberg presidency.

The idea of a billionaire quite literally purchasing the highest office in the country will change politics forever. From that moment forward, only billionaires will be our leaders and it will be a contest of who can spend the most. Average Americans will be afterthoughts and we might as well all live in bunkers as President Zuckerberg sends roving tanks down our streets to murder anyone who uses Twitter instead of Facebook.

But thankfully, Bloomberg is dead. Elizabeth Warren MURKED him.

Even if Liz doesn’t win the nomination—which unfortunately seems unlikely at this point—she deserves all the credit in the world for shining a light on Bloomberg’s nonsense and that’s a bigger contribution than anything Joe Biden has done for this country arguably ever.

RIP ya dead bitch.








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