Midnight Conversation: Rogue One

Midnight Conversation is going to be a new nightly feature here on Deadseriousness in which I will write out the mundane, pointless thoughts that keep me up at night. This is going to be extremely therapeutic for me. If you keep up with this nonsense, then you’ll notice that I really only know/care about movies or, like, the Knicks. I’m a one-dimensional kinda guy.

The first clips of Rogue One: A Star Wars story came out this week and it’s the only thing in my brain. Baseball opening day. The Master’s. The end of the New York Rangers regular season. Batman V. Superman. None of that shit compares to this trailer.

I want to start by talking about Jyn Erso and how bad ass she looks. That “I rebel” line will be the movie line of the year. It would sound lame out of most actor’s mouths but Felicity Jones kills it. After The Force Awakens gave us a strong woman in Rey, here comes Jyn Erso to pick up the baton and take off running.

I read an article about Erso being Rey’s mother. Let’s just chill out on the family speculation and enjoy this movie. I really don’t want to stay up past this midnight conversation trying to connect the dots on who’s related to who. Chill.

I think what I’m going to enjoy most about this movie outside of the main protagonist is the overall perspective of the rebellion. We’ve seen Jedi’s and Wookies attack the Death Star but we’ve never seen regular foot soldiers and that scene where the rebel soldiers ran directly at the empire’s AT-AT looks RIDICULOUS.

Add in the fact that Darth Vader will mostly be in the movie just fucking shit up makes this movie must-watch. Counting down the days until I am sitting front row on opening night.




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