Michelle Pfeiffer Was Terrified on the Set of Scarface and Would Cry Herself to Sleep

There’s a new disgusting Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface story involving on set harassment and borderline torture because directors think terrifying their female actresses leads to more realistic performances but in actuality, you should probably just trust that the woman you cast for the role is capable of doing the role without you needing to be an asshole during shooting.

“I can tell you that I was terrified. And it was a six-month shoot I think. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and I were really the only females. It was a boys’ club,” she told the mag. “And it was also the nature of the relationship, for Tony Montana (Al Pacino) to be very dismissive of my character. So I would go to sleep some nights crying.”

And getting into character was not easy.

‘How’d it happen?’ she questioned. ‘I’m very willful, you know. I’m a survivor. It’s in my nature. I don’t look so tough, but I am. And I think I was able to hide behind the tough exterior of that character, who was just sort of tuned out and tuned off, drugged.’

(Interview Mag)

Even though she has a name that’s impossible to spell correctly on the first try, Michelle Pfeiffer is one of my favorite actors ever. I mean, she’s fucking Catwoman. That alone makes her one of the greats.

Let me just make one thing clear about Scarface, it’s not that great. Al Pacino just pretends to be autistic and screams for 3 hours. I won’t pretend like I enjoyed that shit and now I feel better about hating it after finding out how horribly Michelle Pfeiffer was treated.

If you think Scarface is one of the best movies ever, watch more movies. You don’t have to say ‘fuck’ nonstop to make a realistic movie. Needless to say, I won’t be rocking an airbrushed Scarface Tee that I bought at the local flea market anytime soon.






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