Michael Jordan Told the Warriors Owner That 73 Wins Doesn’t Mean Shit

On the collective bargaining agreement, I was on the labor committee and I was in New York having a bunch of dinners with Michael Jordan and other owners. There were six of us. Actually, Dan was one of them, Dan Gilbert. Anyway, Michael Jordan—people are drinking and having a good time and all that, but there was a moment where he said, you know, ’73 don’t mean [blank].’ He did it, Michael Jordan did that. And I looked at him and I just decided not to make a big deal of it. I said, you know, you’re right, we didn’t win it, we had to get better.

(Bleacher Report)


Michael Jordan is a real life villain. Just a straight up bad guy. I mean how many years has he watched kids hurt each other over his overpriced shoes and said absolutely nothing. Literally only cares about cash.

The man with zero social skills turned to the Golden State Warriors owner, Joe Lacob, and just diminished all of his accomplishments in a split second. I can only assume he immediately blew cigar smoke directly into his face.

Shout out to MJ for continuing to not give any shits about any other humans. I can only imagine how hard it was for him to pretend to care about the Looney Tunes’ struggle against the Monstars. He must’ve only decided to help out in order to sell a new lines of shoes. Hate him.




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