michael irvin sexual assault

Michael Irvin Accused of Sexual Assault

The woman says they were in Michael’s room when she began to feel sick. She says the last thing she remembers is fighting him off. She says when she woke up he was about to check out, leaving her behind. She took an Uber home and called 911 at 7:30 AM.

She told cops she feared she was drugged and raped. She was advised to go to a medical lab for a swab and a blood test, which she did.

She says she also texted Michael, asking him if they had sex. She says he responded that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

Our sources say Michael, now an analyst at NFL Network, tells a very different story. He says he was out at a bar with a group of people, including the woman, until around 4:30 AM March 21, when he returned to his hotel and she followed. Michael says he had an early flight, was in the room for only 15 minutes and had no sexual contact with the woman. He also says another male was present.


I want to quickly just give a quick warning, don’t sexual assault women. I feel like that needs to be said just in case there are any NFL players reading this and have big plans of groping chicks or humping them when they fall asleep. Chill.

It’s getting to the point where I think the NFL is withholding paychecks from guys unless they go out there and harm women. There is no other explanation for why every single football player can’t help themselves. When they see boobs they attack.

Everyone has that one guy in the group that is mega aggressive with girls and you have to pull them aside and say ‘uh, she’s super drunk dude. Chiiiiiilll’. The problem is, NFL players seem to only hang out with other creepy guys so it’s just sexual assault after sexual assault.



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