Michael Beasley Is Better Than Carmelo Anthony

I want to make one thing clear before I get into this. I truly believe that Michael Beasley is better than Carmelo Anthony. That’s a fact. In their current forms, I’d 1000% rather have Michael Beasley on the Knicks than Carmelo Anthony. Honestly, the Thunder would be better with Beasley.

Sure, we can go through the statistics and Carmelo comes out on top in every single way. 10 All-Star games to Beasley’s zero. Melo has 6 All-NBA teams. Beasley, zero. Carmelo even has a scoring title under his belt. Beasley, not so much.

But if you put a gun to my head and made me choose which player I’d rather see in a New York Knicks uniform, I would scream at the top of my lungs ‘MICHAEL BEEEAAASSSLEY’.

You can start with the fact that he’s coachable. How many coaches has Carmelo Anthony gotten fired? Trick question: too many. Carmelo straight up ignores what coaches say and Jeff Hornacek has praised Beasley’s willingness to listen, learn and improve.

Beasley also hustles. Defense is a mentality. You have to want to play D in order to be good at it. Now, I don’t want to sit here and pretend like Michael Beasley is a good defender but Carmelo doesn’t even try. If he could hang under the basket and cherry pick 20 points a game, he would gladly.

The New York Knicks are going to battle in the playoffs for the first time in years and the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to be the 9th seed and watching the Knicks beat the Cleveland Cavs in the first round all because Michael Beasley is better than Carmelo Anthony.


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