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Michael Bay is the Most Underrated Director of All Time

Recently, Michael Bay has put all of his attention on turning our favorite childhood cartoons into explosion-stuffed spectacles and we should be thankful. I mean, look at his source material: aliens that come from space and inhabit trucks and jet planes? Turtles that were covered in mutagen and transformed into teenage ninjas? What exactly are we expecting from these movies?

Seriously, why does Michael Bay receive so much hate for providing so much joy? Every summer I know I can head to the local Chili’s for Twofers and stumble into the theatre across the street for 150 straight minutes of bombs, hero shots, low angle lamps and extended action sequences with the occasional slow motion for effect. Is there any reason to complain about that?

At what point did we all collectively decide to pretend like we didn’t enjoy Bad Boys (I and II), Transformers and The Rock? Those are amazing movies and visual masterpieces. Will Smith was a teenager on television before Michael Bay put a gun in his hands. Shia LaBeouf was a teenager on television before Michael Bay put him into the middle of an extraterrestrial intergalactic war. Nic Cage was a weirdo before Michael Bay transformed him into slightly less of a weirdo.

That last transformation didn’t stick.

Point is, Michael Bay gets the most out of all of his stars which is exactly what you want from a director.

You can tell Michael Bay is a movie fan born and raised. All of his swiping cameras and glory shots are all homages to classic films like Star Wars and E.T.

Bay isn’t some random guy who cheated his way through film school and happened to have some friends in high places. He’s a student of the game and a fan of the art.

Don’t try to tell me that Armageddon didn’t make you hug your loved ones. Don’t try to tell me that Pain and Gain didn’t make you laugh. Do not try to tell me that Transformers didn’t make your heart race. And don’t tell me that you ever change the channel when Bad Boys II is on television.

Look at his summer blockbuster peer, Zach Snyder. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most disappointing movies of all-time. It was slow. It was dark. It was just random scenes cut together back to back. At the end of the day it was not fun and it took itself too seriously.

I wish Michael Bay took over the DC movie franchise. Imagine all of the explosions Superman would fly through. The banter back and forth between he and Lex Luthor. Sweeping shots of the Batcave. Wonder Woman in the shortest of skirts.

There is a character in a Michael Bay movie that is simply just a car who only speaks via random songs playing on the radio and I almost cried when I thought he died. It’s insane to me that people hate Bay. Movie tickets cost $20. If I’m paying that much money I expect 3 things to happens: 1. Everyman relatable heroes like Martin Lawrence and Shia LaBeouf. 2. Heroic speeches while the camera is rotating at a low angle from Bruce Willis or Optimus Prime. 3. Megan Fox half naked.

Michael Bay is the most underrated director of all-time.

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