Does Anyone Feel Bad For This Bodyguard That is Accusing Mariah Carey For Sexual Harassment?

Mariah Carey’s former bodyguard says the pop diva sexually harassed him by flouncing around in sheer lingerie while he was on the job — and now he’s threatening to sue.

The draft suit accuses the five-time Grammy Award-winner of performing “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello.”

Specifically, Carey allegedly instructed Anello to come to her Cabo San Lucas hotel room to help her with her luggage — and was half-covered in a see-through negligee, according to TMZ.

When Anello tried to duck out of the room, Carey allegedly insisted that he finish moving the luggage first. There was no contact between the two.


I DEMAND justice for my man Michael Anello. To everyone screaming at these actors and movie producers for sexually harassing women from a position of power, you better have that same energy about Mariah Carey forcing her bodyguards to watch her touch her ovaries.

No no, if we’re boycotting people who simply knew about Harvey Weinstein’s creepy behavior then we better be throwing away our tickets to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You tour. I’m going to need a Jezebel piece about her being disgusting and blah blah.

Should we care about Michael Anello being sexual harrassed?

YOU BETTER. This isn’t just any woman. This is Mariah Carey. She is the biggest diva ever. She is a woman that gets carried around from place to place. She is constantly surrounded by lights and fans blowing in her face to make her look perfect.

If there is anyone in the music industry that you have to let finger themselves while you’re in the room, it’s Mariah Carey. I guarantee she had Whitney Houston killed. Don’t believe the overdose rumors. Mariah Carey did that.

Arrest this monster.


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