Miami Marlins Pitcher and Little Bitch Jose Urena Intentionally Hits Ronald Acuna Because He Wanted To End His Streak of Lead-Off Home Runs

Ronald Acuna has hit a lead-off home run in 3 straight games and has a home run in 5 straight. Jose Urena, being the little bitch that he is, decided that he couldn’t end that streak by, you know, pitching well so instead he chose to just hit him with a fastball that would take Acuna out of this game.

Soooo shitty.

Look, as a baseball fan, there are very few genuinely ‘fun’ moments on a nightly basis. It’s mostly me being a huge geek hovering over my laptop grinning as I scroll through boxscores and statistics in my dark room.

Enter Ronald Acuna, the 20-year old phenom who is absolutely obliterating every single baseball that’s thrown in his direction. 5-game home run streaks are no small feat. Starting 3 straight games with a BOMB is how you make me watch Atlanta Braves games.

And then bitch ass Jose Urena decided that he didn’t like all the attention Acuna was getting so he not only hit him but Acuna looks like he’s injured now.

What a bitch ass move.

There is no way you can even say he hit him accidentally. When the benches cleared, my man squared up ready to fight everyone. Personally, I’d probably be a little apologetic if I hit the biggest rising star in the Majors on accident. Also personally, if I did it on purpose I would try to fight all of the Braves much like Urena did.

1. Get the Miami Marlins the fuck out of here. Derek Jeter bought the team and decided to trade away anyone who was making more than the concession workers. They shouldn’t be allowed to compete this year.

2. Jose Urena should be thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. Let Poseidon have his way with him.

Jose Urena is a bitch and I want him removed from baseball/life.



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