Melissa McCarthy’s Bad Sean Spicer Impression Is Exactly What’s Wrong With Saturday Night Live

I want to start off by saying that I love Melissa McCarthy and I think she’s one of the funniest people in the game today. Some people can make jokes and some can write them but no one is better at expressing comedy physically than Melissa.

Having said that, her Sean Spicer impression stinks. But the quality of the impression isn’t really the problem. The real problem is the quantity. For the entire election season, Saturday Night Live has relied on bringing in comedy stars like Larry David, Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy to come in and drag out these long drawn out sketches.

I have political satire fatigue and while people are growing tired of the constant Trump news, SNL is doubling down and beating us over the head every week with 90 straight minutes of ‘Donald Trump is dumb, right guys?” jokes.[1. In SNL’s defense, yea Trump is pretty dumb.]

From the Cold Open through the Weekend Update, it is nonstop reminder that our president is insane. Sean Spicer sucks at his job. We know. I really don’t need 8 minutes of Melissa McCarthy screaming.[2. I feel like there’s a sexual innuendo in there somewhere but I’m a little under the weather.] It’s funny the first few times but I’m over Alec Baldwin’s Trump.

But my biggest problem with the Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer impression is that it’s taking screen time from the regular cast. This past weekend’s sketch started with Aidy Bryant, whom I had forgotten was still on the show, and she was immediately pushed to the side for Melissa.

Saturday Night Live is relying heavier on celebrities dropping in and they are refusing to develop their own talent. If your name isn’t Kate McKinnon then just quietly collect your checks and write jokes for Alex Baldwin.[3. Looking at you, Vanessa Bayer]

SNL is at it’s best rwhen Kyle Mooney gets to make weird digital shorts and Pete Davidson goes on Weekend Update and says extremely inappropriate and personal anecdotes. SNL is at it’s worst when Alec Baldwin just plays back Trump quotes from the week prior.

When was the last time Kenan Thompson do anything but be the host of Black Jeopardy? When was the last time you saw Sasheer Zamata star in a sketch where she wasn’t just the generic black woman? Remember Bobby Moynihan?

Dear Saturday Night Live, chill with the lame political jokes for ONE week and let Leslie Jones yell. Please.




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