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Melania Trump is Finally Moving into the White House

The president and first lady’s commuter marriage appears to be over, as the family has united under one roof again.

First lady Melania Trump and son Barron, 11, moved into the White House on Sunday after spending the first several months of President Trump’s presidency residing in their Trump Tower penthouse in New York.


It’s always a real cute moment when you have to beg your wife and son to come leave with you in a different state. Totally doesn’t look desperate and weird that you’re the president of the United State of America and you can’t get your wife to walk into the White House.

Part of me thinks Melania always wears sunglasses so that no one can see that she’s been crying all day and another part of me thinks that she’s definitely hiding a black eye that Donald gave her the night before for talking to him while his hooker was still on the clock.

Can’t wait til Melania throws all of Donald’s clothes out on the White House front lawn.



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