Megyn Kelly Update: Still Dumb and Mega Racist

First, before I shit on Megyn Kelly for being a big dumb idiot, there is nothing I love more than a panel of white people discussing what is and is not racist. I will continue to shout from the rooftops that Megyn Kelly has the worst show on television and having Joan Rivers’s daughter act as the voice of reason here really proves my point for me.

Megyn Kelly is a 47-year old woman so when she sits there and says she doesn’t understand why blackface is racist what she’s actually doing is, um, lying. If you’re white, you learn that blackface is racist your freshman year away at college when you go out as Lil Wayne, paint your skin black, and get your nose punched into your brain the second you walk into the Halloween party.

No, this wasn’t a woman attempting to learn something new today but instead, it was a woman who knows who her audience is and wanted to be the voice of the new wave of ‘white victims’ who think their life isn’t fair because they’re not allowed to be as openly racist as they’d like to be.


Let’s remember that Megyn Kelly couldn’t let a second go by knowing that some people didn’t believe Santa Claus, a fictional character that does not exist, isn’t white. She was probably up all night and stormed into the Fox News room first thing in the morning because her heart wouldn’t allow her to live peacefully if white people lost one of ‘theirs’ to the colored folks.

Megyn Kelly is making $69 million dollars. Awesome.




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