Meghan McCain, Whose Entire Career Exists Because of Her Dad, Is Surprisingly Pro-Nepotism

Everyone is talking about the massive college admissions bribery scandal that caught Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and 48 other extremely wealthy parents paying for fake SAT results and phony sports scholarships so their wack dumb children can get into prestigious universaties that they did not deserve to attend.

So naturally The View, our go-to source for all of our great political debates, attempted to break down the event and Meghan McCain almost made it through the full segment without reminding the world that her father was John McCain.

While attempting to explain why legacy admissions are inherently racist, Meghan McCain screamed about how great legacies are because her dad was in the military and so were her brothers and DID YOU HEAR HER? SHE SAID THE MAGIC WORDS ‘JOHN MCCAIN’ AND ‘MILITARY’. WHERE IS HER ROUND OF APPLAUSE?

Being a ‘legacy’ and ‘legacy admissions’ are two totally different thing. It’s cool that your entire family went to Duke or whatever but the idea that you automatically get into Duke because your father did even if you don’t have the grades to get in is extremely less cool.

It’s odd that Meghan McCain’s role as one of the hosts of The View is that she’s supposed to understand the most about politics but she is consistently misinformed and mentally incapable of maintaining a volley in any of these conversations so she has to use her personal perspective to add value to the discussions.

The problem is, her personal perspective is incredibly narrow as the only thing she seems to be aware of is who her father is. That’s all anyone knows about this woman. Her entire identity is that her dad was in a war.

Meghan McCain can fuck off.




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