Meet New Buffalo Bills Quarterback Keith Wenning Who Has Never Played in NFL and Hasn’t Thrown a Pass Since 2013

The Buffalo Bills are having the best preseason of all time.

The tank is in FULL effect. They’re straight up pulling guys out of the local Dave and Busters to play on their team now to ensure they lose as many games as possible. It’s brilliant. I still believe with all of my heart that the New York Jets will go 0-16 but Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills won’t be far ahead of them in the standings.

Keith Wenning has a better chance at beating Floyd Mayweather at a PPV fight than he does at playing well in Buffalo and I love it. He’s ‘familiar’ with the offensive coordinator because Rick Dennison was coaching in Baltimore when Wenning was on the Ravens for like a month, two years ago. Match made in heaven.

Also, round of applause to everyone who immediately jumped into their drafts to instantly send a ‘but what about Colin Kaepernick?’ tweet. The Internet is undefeated.




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