Meet My Adult Sex Slave, Nestor

Matt Gaetz is a racist Representative from Florida who has recently gone off the rails following the death of George Floyd as he’s planted his flag on how much he thinks it’s cool that cops kill black people. It’s like his favorite thing in the world.

Coming off the heels of a heated argument with Cedric Richmond during a congressional hearing about Black Lives Matter, Gaetz wanted to show the world that he knows what it’s like to raise a son who is a person of color.

Before I get into the fact that Matt Gaetz 1000% purchased this Cuban boy to penetrate him, this is my first actual Deadseriousness article about Gaetz so let me provide some crucial context about how evil this Nazi is.

Gaetz defended George Zimmerman after he murdered Trayvon Martin. In 2018, he invited an alt-right Nazi to join him at Trump’s State of the Union. This alt-right troll was banned from Twitter after threatening to murder Black Lives Matter activist, Deray. That’s his boy. A guy who publicly wanted to kill the leader of a pro-black movement.

He defended Donald Trump when he called Latin American nations ‘shithole countries‘. One time he accused two black Congressmen of not being able to read and write. After the brutal Parkland school shooting, he said that guns aren’t a threat but the real threat in this country is illegal immigrants.

Matt Gaetz is a trash bag scammer whose political career only exists thanks to sucking Donald Trump’s tiny little wee wee which brings me back to his new adult son, Nestor.

Here is Gaetz in 2016 meeting young Nestor. Four years ago he met this grown ass kid that he is now claiming to be his child.

Oh, and here he is literally in his parents’ basement calling Nestor his servant helper.

So he met this hot Cuban twink. Then he’s hanging around ma and pa’s house calling Nestor his ‘helper’. And now he’s pretending as if this big boy is his son in order to prove that he cares about minorities.

Here’s another important layer of context: Matt Gaetz recorded this video in order to defend the fact that he was the ONLY PERSON to vote in favor of human sex trafficking. How normal.

Did you see the picture I am painting?

The super anti-Hispanic scammer who voted against anti-sex trafficking laws saw a hot Cuban boy with big hands and now pays Nestor to manhandle him and turn him into a pretzel and he is now attempting to make their relationship public as a father-son thing but he accidentally just put a microscope on his long nights spent bouncing in Nestor’s lap.



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